Improve Your Interview Skills With VR Training

For some of us, interviews are a time to shine, for others, a sinking feeling as we look ahead to securing our next job. In fact, 93% of us say we feel anxious during a job interview. What if there was a way to practise as much as you need, when you want, gathering in-depth performance feedback and without taking up the time of others?

Virtual Reality helps build your confidence, improve your interview technique and ultimately increase your chances of landing your next role. VR interview experiences help embed those techniques career coaches have discussed.

Here are some of the common concerns people raise about interviews and how VR offers a boost of confidence.

“I haven’t had an interview in ages, how can virtual reality help me with that?”

VR interview scenarios give you an immersive experience in an interview room. They are so real that sweaty palms and increased heartbeat are guaranteed! You answer interview questions and get feed back afterwards. Insight into your eye contact, pace of speech, how you came across and even how many umms and errs, offers a great ‘real life’ way of practising interviews with strangers and perfecting your technique. You take charge when and what you want to practise.

“I’m not sure how I’ll come across to potential new employers.”

Listen to yourself – play back your interview and hear how well you came across and where you could improve. Keep trying, as much as you want. By the time the big day comes, you’ll have built that confidence by having already aced an interview when you practised in the headset.

“I’ve got to do a presentation as part of my interview process. I get really nervous.”

You can upload your presentation to the VR experience, change the room setting to be a group presentation and practice delivering your content. Again, you’ll get insight into how you did, and you can playback your recording to hear how you did. This gives you the chance to think about where you want to improve and discuss how you did with others. No bias from family or friends – just great insight in to how you did.

“This sounds a bit uncomfortable”

Listening to yourself can be uncomfortable at first but it’s a quick and impactful way for you to learn where you are already doing really well and where needs work. Finding out before an interview for example that your presentation has too much technical language and you were speaking too fast, is so much better than after the real interview! You’ll stand out from the crowd during the interview process because you are so well prepared.

Working with your career coach we set you up with the headsets ensuring you feel comfortable, checking in with you to find out how you are doing offering tailored tips and techniques.